Accra Main Wholesale & Office
Naat Building, Akroma Loop
N orth Industrial Area, Accra
Box 241, Trade Fair, Accra
Tel: 233-030-220390/272083(Sales) 272082 (Accounts), Fax:233-030-2555536
Okaishie, Drug Lane, Accra (Upstairs), Tel: 233-030-666375
Voltapharma Ltd, Okaishe (Downstairs), Tel: 233-030-681676

Takoradi Wholesale & Office Block 42/8
Liberation Road, Takoradi
Tel: 233-031-32056 Fax: 233-031-25950

Kumasi Main Wholesale & Office
Adum Ota, 2-7, Block Ix,
Opposite Aseda House, Adum Kumasi.
Box 921, Kumasi
Tel: 233-051-23999 (Sales), 37077(Accounts), Fax: 233-051-24543
Marketing Office, Asafo, Oposite Neoplan Station, Asafo, Kumasi.
Tel/Fax: 233-051-37742
Kejetia Retail & Wholesale, Gprtu Building, Kejetia Lorry Station, Kumasi
Tel: 233-030-25299

Tamale Wholesale & Office,Lamashegu,Tamale
Adjacent To Lamashegu Market, Tamale
Box Tl2314, Tamale
Tel/Fax: 233-071-24910


Lagos Wholesale & Office
No. 7 Afolabi Leshi Street,
Off Town Planning Way
Llupeju, Lagos
Tel: (+234) 019515595, 08083026111


Freetown Wholesale & Office
42, Siaka Stevens Street
Opposite Lion Photo Studio
Freetown, Sierra Leone
Tel: (+232) 79347009


Monrovia Wholesale & Office
Opposite Y.M.C.A.
Crown-Hill Broad Street
Monrovia, Liberia
Tel. (+231) 880529111


The company distributes its products throughout the West African (ECOWAS) and Central African (CEDAM) sub region with products suitable for all ages of the population. The product range will include a minimum of 200 brands and various dosage forms such as Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Suspensions, Dry powders, sachets and suppositories. The product categories will be Branded Ethical’s or specialty drugs, Branded Generics or essential drugs and Branded Over the Counter drugs which will be advertised. The Ethical’s and Generics will be marketed to the Public Sector of the Health delivery system whilst the Ethical’s and OTC’s will be targeted to the Private Sector of the Heath delivery system.
The company already exports to most ECOWAS countries such as Benin, Togo, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Senegal, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia and CEDAM countries such as Equatorial Guinea mainly through public government tenders.
Subsidiary wholesales and marketing offices for expanding public and private business have been established in Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Liberia and are to be replicated in Cote D’voire, Senegal and Cameroun with the aid of the ECOWAS protocol which permits free movement of people, goods and services in the sub region.
We have local representatives/agents in the most countries in the ECOWAS sub -region and are planning to replicate the same in CEDAM countries and form alliances with dedicated KINAPHARMA agents and distributors to build the brands.
The company sells to the following categories of customers:

  1. Pharmacies, Chemists, Chemical sellers, Dispensaries in all cities, districts and regions of counties above
  2.  Public service Medical stores, Hospitals, Clinics, Health Centers, Midwifery’s, etc.
  3. Private Hospitals, Clinics, Health Centers, etc.
  4. Fuel marts, Supermarkets, etc.
  5. Appointed Distributors/Grocers, and associations that want to pool resources to buy bulk


Kinapharma is concerned about its customers.  In the event that you have an adverse reaction to one of our products, please complete and submit this vigilance form via email to or  If necessary, please call for information on other means of submitting the form at +233 (0302) 220390, 272083.

Download the form HERE.


Institutions: Moh/Ghs, Central Medical Stores and All Regional Medical Stores
Hospitals: Government and Quasi-Government Hospitals
Clinics: Private Hospitals and Clinics and Maternal Homes
Pharmacies: Government and Private Pharmacies and Chemist
Chemical Sellers: Chemical Shops

Accra Main Wholesale & Office, Naat Building, Akroma Loop
North Industrial Area, Accra. Box 241, Trade Fair, Accra
Tel:233-021-220390/272083 (Sales) 272082 (Accounts) Fax:233-021-2555536

Okaishie Drug Lane, Accra (Upstairs), Tel :233-021-666375
Voltapharma Ltd, Okaishie (Downstairs), Tel :233-021-681676

Takoradi Wholesale & Office, Block 42/8, Liberation Road, Takoradi
Tel:233-031-32056, Fax:233-031-25950

Adum Main Wholesale & Office, Adum Ota, 2-7,Block Ix, Opposite Aseda House Adum Kumasi Box 921, Kumasi
Tel: 233-051-23999 (Sales), 37077 (Accounts), Fax 233-051-24543
Marketing Office, Asafo, Opposite Neoplan Station, Asafo, Kumasi
Tel/Fax: 233-051-37742

Kejetia Retail & Wholesale, Gprtu Building, Kejetia Lorry Station, Kumasi
Tel: 233-021-25299

Tamale Wholesale & Office, Lamashegu, Tamale
Adjacent to Lamashegu Market, Box Tl2314, Tamale
Tel/Fax: 233-071-24910


Greater Accra
Accra I Sales Team: Accra East — Biweekly
Accra Ii Sales Team: Accra West — Biweekly
Tema Sales Team: Tema, Ashiama — Biweekly

Eastern Region
Eastern Sales Team: Akim Oda, Nkawkaw — Biweekly

Volta Region
Volta Sales Team: North/Hohoe and South/Keta — Biweekly

Western Region
Sales Team M: Enchi Route and Tarkwa – Biweekly

Central Region
Sales Team N: Winneba and Assin Fosu — Biweekly

Ashanti Region
Kina I & Volta I Sales Teams: Kumasi — Biweekly
Kina Ii & Volta Ii Sales Teams: Ashanti Outskirts – Biweekly

Brong Ahafo Region
Kina Iii & Volta Iii Sales Teams: Sunyani and Techiman – Biweekly

Northern, Upper West & East Regions
Sales Team E: Salaga/Bimbilla & Bolga — Biweekly
Sales Team F: Wa & Damango — Biweekly